Return-to-Work Solutions

At MeMD, we have built specialized plans to help businesses safely open their doors, meeting the medical and mental health needs of employees and their families.

COVID-19 Testing

Quick, convenient and accurate testing methods play a critical role in workplace safety. We provide businesses with two types of coronavirus tests—PCR and Antibody—which can be ordered through MeMD providers, exclusively through our COVID-19 Workplace Solution.

Immediate COVID-19 Screening & Treatment

To help you mitigate uncertainty, we offer a CDC-guided symptom screener and vulnerable population assessment. These questionnaires can be completed on a computer or mobile device from home, any worksite or in the field, helping employers assess who is ready to return to work and who needs more immediate medical care.


Virtual Care

Our on-demand telehealth solution enables your workforce to get high-quality medical care 24/7/365, right from their homes.


This includes screening and treatment options for COVID-19-related concerns, as well as routine medical conditions, keeping your team and their families out of germ-filled waiting rooms. 

Mental Health Care

The pandemic is taking a significant toll on people. Fear of contracting the virus, feelings of uncertainty, economic struggles and the constant wave of alarming news stories are causing stress, anxiety and a host of other mental and emotional challenges. With MeMD, your employees can access the behavioral health services they need from the safety, comfort and privacy of their own homes.


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