Behavioral Health Solutions

Our behavioral health care services make it easy for members to access mental health care on their schedule while driving down overall healthcare costs.

Talk Therapy

Every business owner has witnessed the effects of behavioral health issues in the workplace. They drag down productivity and erode company culture. If left untreated, mental health concerns can even drive up medical costs.

Teletherapy removes the barriers of traditional in-person care, providing much-needed mental health services from the comfort and privacy of home.

Teen Therapy

Even your best employees will struggle at work if there are struggles at home. This is especially true for employees whose kids are suffering from mental, behavioral or emotional challenges.


Our teen teletherapy program gives employees access to the mental healthcare their children need – and gives your staff the peace of mind they crave.


The national shortage of mental health providers, extremely narrow networks, long wait times and the stigma of seeking care make it difficult – if not impossible – for employees to access psychiatric care through their health plan. 


MeMD’s telepsychiatry solution can help.

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Discover the MeMD difference.

Doctor visits made easy. 
Connect with a licensed medical provider or therapist online 24/7/365.
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*If this is a medical emergency or crisis situation, dial 911 immediately for assistance. 

Telemedicine is not appropriate for a medical, mental health, or behavioral health emergency. 

MeMD® gives you access to online medical consultations (aka “online doctor visits”) with physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants who can write prescriptions when medically necessary and permitted by state law. MeMD® also gives you access to online counseling or talk therapy with behavioral health providers; however, therapists cannot write prescriptions. MeMD® is a telehealth company, not an online pharmacy, and medications cannot be purchased or dispensed from MeMD® directly. The MeMD® Service is not a replacement for your primary care physician or annual office check-ups, nor is it a replacement for other treating providers (except in the context of mental and behavioral health services or in the Virtual Primary Care service line where the Provider has explicitly agreed to assume such role). Subject to state regulations, MeMD® is available nationwide with providers licensed to practice in your state who use video and/or audio technology.

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